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02.06.2013 , 05:44 AM | #7
I am afraid that pvp is different than pve. In fact in under 50 pvp sages/sorcs are OP, totally different from 50 pvp. So basic things:
1) Go balance and aim to get at about level 20-23 it is if I recall well the tk throw has no cooldown ability
2) Got to work on your rotations, but this change as you hain abilities. But on a target with more than 70% a weaken mind is necessary.
3) Got to work on your survivability. See how many times you die. A sage/sorc is usually on the move. You see a snipers target on you? Run and hide behind a pillar. Despite popular believe from another thread bubble does not make sages tanky, it only gives them 1 single warning that they need to react otherwise the next hit will hurt badly.
4) Kiting. Under 50 it is ridiculous easy to kite people around even in pure open space unless they are the usual classes at their high level (shadows and vanguards)

Going back to rotations they change as you level, but even at 10-15 your rotations are perfectly viable to dish out decent numbers, they are just more force exhausting.