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02.06.2013 , 05:25 AM | #60
This old thing? Every MMO I played -

I am do raids and so I am get better stuff than you not raiding. And I am come rant on forum cos you who are not raiding get stuff I get.


"I worked for this.." - It's not work, it's a game. If you think it's work, try 40 hours a week in my office.

Really. I enjoy group content and raiding, it's nice to get a bit of loot, of course but for me, the real reward is achieving the goals, in cooperation with friends working as a team.

Seriously if it bothers anyone that much, refuse to group with anyone who can't show the appropriate titles. Otherwise bugger off, live and let live, set your wounded egos to one side and just let's get on with the game.