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A lot of the insane damage numbers are done in Premade vs Premade games that end up lasting for about 15-20 minutes. It is possible for a Civil War or Denova game to go on for that long if only two turrets get capped.

My record on my Sorc (main) is about 680k Healing and 390k Damage taken on a Civil War game where only the sides turrets were capped. I would have gotten more healing but I was 2 v 6 for the entire game on mid with a Tank Juggernaut guildmate so he was the only person to heal for most of it (other two guildies were in recruit gear and died whenever they turned up), and the other premade didn't think of trying to separate and stunlock us for the entire 15mins. They just kept hitting the guarded healer with the Tank hitting Intercede + Taunt whenever I got focused, or the Tank with a pocket healer (yes they did complain about Smash + Bubble Spec in /say even though we weren't using those specs).

Gear does also matter pre-50. The bad players will insist otherwise but in the 40's you will be running around with 100+ Expertise and on average 14-15k HP which DOES make a noticable difference compared to a Lv10-30 with 12k HP.
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