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02.06.2013 , 04:05 AM | #2
First of all, don't let pre50 warzones get you down. They are by no means anything like the real deal at 50.
Secondly, damage numbers mean absolutely nothing in WZ. If you're a DPS, what you want is kills.
On my Sorcerer I can easily get 600k+ damage per game if I go around spreading DoTs on people, but that brings barely anything to the team except maybe annoying the enemys a little.
I'm not sure which level you are so I can't comment on abilitys yet. Though if you spec into madness tree you're going to want the 0 cooldown on Force Lightning and the 3 points in the ability to the left of it (forgot the name but it gives force back every hit) which makes Fore Lightning free to cast and does good damage. You'll also want the ability above it (wrath) which makes crushing darkness an instant cast when proc. If your opponent is low health, simply burn them down with force lightning and possibly death field. If they are higher health you'l want to death field, add your DoTs then Force Lightning and add crushing darkness when it procs.