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If it is similar issue for esselles and black talon, there is several things you can try, not everyone crashes with these FP, those that have have reported the below solutions, now what works for one machine maynot work for another.
And like me some just don't have an issue.

1) Turn off Bloom ingame

2) If Nvidia User try Turning off Ambient Occlusions

3) turn off threaded optimization in Nvidia control panel

4) Lower all Graphics To Minimum for hyperspace jump and then restore settings after the jump

5) Stopped OCing on RAM and run repair

6) Minimize Game during hyperspace jump
1) => doesn't solve
2) => doesn't solve
3) => doesn't solve
4) => doesn't solve
5) => (N/A) / => doesn't solve

6) work ! - (only in fullscreen mode , not in fullscreen-borderless)