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02.06.2013 , 01:26 AM | #14
Well, I'll answer.

From tonight's raid, based on MOX, TFB HM
First fight - Writhing Horror: 1965 HPS
Second fight - Dreadguard: 2615 HPS
Third fight: 1893 hps

We finished there. My average heals per second on a mob pack is 2100-2300 hps.

I'm tired of listening to people say HPS dontt matter at all. Absolute statements often have no value. In a way, it is true, because these numbers could all be useless overhealing... conversely, my overhealing could be 5%. I didn't go to askmrrobot and post them to see.

But if a member of my gaming community asked a simple question, I'm happy to give them a simple answer - WITHOUT clouding the thread with useless twaddle and dancing around the question while trying to prove they're idiots and I'm a genius because I learned one simple concept and I want to show everybody my shiny new toy like a 5-year old.

Just be helpful and stop being asses. If they wanted your EHPS, they would have asked for it.