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Well, I decided to grit my teeth and enter the maelstrom with my Sorc. Wanna hear the funny thing? I got 16 kills in my first WZ. On both my Tanks I had plus my Shadow, I had all of 4 kills or less in the first WZs on those. Of course, I did die quite a bit. After a while, I noticed how it would happen: I'd go after this Tank who was about five levels above me, and he had a Sorc buddy who would attack me and heal him. Sometimes I'd get him, but sometimes not. It would depend on if someone got after the other Sorc (who was about 10 levels higher than me).

Oh, and in case anyone's wondering, my Sorc is named Kaisan Viridian. He's on Begeren Colony; I'm a level 16, nearly 17, on Korriban. I'm just about to go report to Zash on my success at Grathan's Compound. Reason I'm leveled that high: WZs. I did a regular one, than the Daily of Zero Tolerance.

Maybe once I get to 50 (this time this Sorc is going all the way), I'll switch over to Heal Spec. BUt for now, I'm gonna enjoy a Sith Sorc who can actually kick a little *** in PVE/PVP.... even if I am on an RP server .
if u like doing dmg ur best sorc lvls for lowbie start in the 30s, go a nice hybrid build and stay mobile...i generally go 16 pts into madness then head into the lightning tree from there. i have a 50 sorc a 50 sage and a 42 sage