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02.06.2013 , 12:30 AM | #256
BTW These are the current carnage theories on the dreadful orb:

1.After killing the TFB (final boss) - the corpse where you loot looks exactly like the dread entity - the buff from the dreadful orb looks like an anomaly - so we would like to try casting the dreadful orb on the corpse of the TFB.

2.We tried casting the dreadful orb on DreadTooth - but we think that casting it on the tank that engages DreadTooth might do something difference.

3.We did not try casting dreadful orb on DreadTooth after buffing him to 10 stack (we tried on 1 stack).

4.We would like to try casting the dreadful orb on the other world boss in Belsavis.

These are our current best theories however, I'd like to note this for anyone looking for an answer:
Dreadful orb can be casted on anyone - friend or foe. It could be some weird power up device. It is a Gree technology, most likely - so I would look for clues around the Gree (and not EC). Because it can be casted on friend or foe, we feel like it is not location specific, necessarily, but more likely target specific for its given function.

Also ... as far as we know there aren't any outstanding titles to be had ... you'd think there would be if there were another secret boss out there. I will be sure to keep everyone updated as we learn more and try new things (especially within these theories). Definitely look forward to everyone's suggestions!