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Thanks for the same BS we've been asking for this service for over a year now. You forced transferd us twice allready the system is there all you have to do is open them up so we can put our toons where we want them and not one of your choosing if need to know how to do this have someone put a call into BLIZZARD and see if you can copy theirs.

OR Riift or EQ etc

Rift had there s up in like three month after the game went live , are free and still are free with a once a week transfer limit pre toon not account ...

and EQ 1 its been years has all ways had them that I remember ...SO Yea its becoming BS for some stuff

JUST DID IT , and don't make the excuse it's to hard, if it is really that hard then fires the DEV who keep saying its to hard and get some in who want to make the IMPOSSABLE work ,,,plan and simple ..