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Hmm... like I said I have 2000+ on a rakata/BH juggernaut without being fully augmented (buffed of course) and I have been choosing marauder gear from the vendor to swap the modifications. So your telling me that I am an entire tier below you in gear and not fully augmented and have higher strength than you? What's your endurance at?
Like I said, I get rid of the main stat heavy "A" mods for pure power/crit, which on a sentinel is actually something like 0.18 strength vs 0.23 power to bonus damage because there's no 9% skill tree buff for all classes.

Here's my current gear give or take a few pieces, I'm currently making way for hazmat pieces so crit is lower then I would usually aim for:
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Thats no moon... thats a CARTEL COIN!