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Yea I can pretty much consistantly get top damage also but thats all aoe damage ,and we all know aoe dps doesn't kill things.Our single target lacks severly.I personally prefer lightning over madness, but lightning itself is complete garbage.So now im stuck going hybrid.
Have you met mr. Deathfield? Fairly sure be's an aoe, and fairly sure no one likes it in their face.

True against most class sorc starts at a disadvantage right now, but nothing a skilled player can't overcome. Issue in RWZ, is its all skilled teams, used to working together, and most have at least a basic mastery of their class.

There, the slight disadvantage represent win or loss. There, you are a weakest link in a way.

Also remember you must balance class potential, not the average skill level to play it. Some class appear as OP, like lolsmash, due to their rather straightforward rotation and anyone with a spare 5 minute on a dummy will prolly have the rotation down. On the other hand, dps sin are seen as underdogs by many, but reach dps in the 2k still.

Thats playstyle difficulty, and not class potential.

In another game I played, I always said about balance issue that YES 80% of the players were whinning about how something was obviously OP and another needed massive loving. I said you needed to look at high-skilled player and balance over what you saw there. They didn't. Result was a fiasco that nearly killed that game.

Sorc needs 3 thing imo:

-some proc that isn't % dependant
-some mobility in lightning
-an extra powerful defensive cooldown to help deal with the ammount of burst in pvp.

Give it that, make some tweaks so a very few talents go baseline and you'll have a very powerful class.

Imo some damage should also be switched to elemental/internal, but thats up for discussion since it could very well make it a bit too powerful.