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02.05.2013 , 11:04 PM | #4
i do fine..

i havnt come across anyone that i couldnt beat in a duel and generally in wz's if they come at me without all their cooldowns i definitely will beat them.. seeing as sorcs have no cooldowns to worry about..

the key to doing well is staying mobile.. falling back to ur team if focused..

the problem with sorcs in rateds is although we can punch out big damage done numbers.. none of it is bursty or threatening.. its easily healed through.. my smash jugg who is less geared than my sorc is a huge threat cause his dmg comes in big chunks.. where in sync with another bursty dps is deadly to a healer...

i for one am enjoying this little rough patch for sorcs.. before when they were melting people easily there were wayy too many around so i like being in the slight minority