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So, there seems to be a lot of people who would like to be able to decorate or customise their ships, and just as many people that want reasons to go back to lower level planets. (Including me )
I know they're topics that comes up often, but I couldn't find any threads that completely covered my idea, so...

My Idea is to have 'relics/trophies/treasures' hidden around the planets, designed like the different lore items/datacrons. They could be in the form of crystals, plant samples, animal heads/skins, relics, weapons and so on.
Some items may require a 'treasure map'(rather a reference to the item) located on a later planet before they become accessible on the earlier planet. Maybe even add the odd 'monster/enemy' to guard it that's level appropriate to the planet the 'clue' was found on.

When you find the item it gets placed in the quest/mission tab of your inventory (since this is empty most of the time), untill you get back to your ship and place them in a lockbox.
Then you can select from several 'pre detirmined'(?) locations on your ship to display them, or not at all. Giving people enough options to come up with unique arangements/displays without trying to make it a sandbox area.

This would give people incentive to explore more and perhaps become more imersed in the game (for those that want the easy way out they just go to the guides made by others), as well as for people to travel back to older planets, (not just jump ahead and back to get it then and there (higher level assistance would get around this)). It also provides people with the opportunity to decorate their ship, or rather personalise it to some degree.

I realise it's not creating new areas in the earlier planets for leveling/completing quests, but we might see some phased areas come out of it, maybe a couple that rely on a group to complete?

I don't think it would be too hard to implement... What do you guys think?
(Please support it It's something i'd really like to see!)

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