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Couple nights ago I finished Chapter I with my buddy in tow on TS. He watched as I planted my saber square into my master's face. He said, I kid you not. "HOW ARE YOU STILL A JEDI?!?"

To that, I had no answer.
Perhaps you might have said, "She attacked me." I mean really, it like you're ignoring the whole "Dark Side plague has made her insane. The Consular story makes plenty sense as a DS, more than many other. All four of the masters have done terrible things or are about to. Shielding them is a sacrifice. Not one you are required to make. You are removing a threat to the order and the republic. Even a Light V Jedi kills thousands of beings.

By the the time I was 32ish I had already personally killed 6 Jedi Masters, my own master included, and was directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds more (that's plural) throughout the galaxy. I get back to Tython expecting some kind of reprisal... Hell at the very least a stern talking to. What do I get?

Right, because you stopped:


Whoever wrote this story is a moron. It's so bad it's hysterical.
Respectfully, you didn't like the story. But you seem predisposed not to like it.
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