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02.05.2013 , 09:46 PM | #43
@Kabolt, fair enough, although I guess that's pretty specific to that one encounter.

I was more referring to fights in general, especially ones with lots of mobs. The opening fight in FE comes to mind. I've pugged that fight a lot as a dps, as a healer, and as a tank. My personal takeway was that I always wanted to save my taunts for later.

A shadow tank has strong aoe opening as far as pulling aggro, but there are a lot of mobs to deal with. As a healer, I've been put in a bad way MANY times during that fight. One or two hits before the tank pulls the mob back isn't a problem. Being chased by one of the Sith while three ranged mobs firing at me from the back IS.

Sure, you can point fingers at the dps, but if your taunts aren't on CD, you've got the perfect tool to fix the situation.

I would be hard pressed to recommend to new Shadow tanks to use the taunt at the beginning of any fight. I'm glad it works out for you, but generally speaking, taunts are such a valuable tool in the Shadow's repertoire that in almost every case it is better served later on.