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So me and a lot of other people were thinking that Kasdan was writing Episode VIII and Kinberg was writing IX, as they were announced as writers along side Arndt who is writing episode VII. THis is great news imo, more Star Wars movies, and the fact that Kinberg is not writing an actual "episode" of the main series. That guy has the worst resume ever, he has never written a good screenplay, just crap.

SO yeah, what movies do you think theyre gonna do?

1. Yoda movie, just cause its a major rumor atm. Could be awesome, could be meh.

2. "Seven Jedi", a spin on Seven Samurai. Buncha jedi team up to protect hapless villagers against marauders. The other majorly rumored one was. Sounds fantastic.

3. Boba Fett movie, was rumored very early on but havent heard much of it recently. Could be great.

4. Jabba the Hutt movie, this one popped up on my radar this week. I could see Jabba starring, but I just really want a movie that focuses on the underbelly of the SW universe, and doesnt deal too much with Jedi or imps or rebels.

5. Any wish list movies? I think a Rogue Squadron movie, or just somthing focusing on a squad of fighter pilots, would be epic. Maybe introduce the new fighters and a few characters in the new trilogy, and spin off from there. Or maybe mix that concept with an espionage angle.
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