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@Kabolt, reading from the top of the thread (I came late the party) don't you think Mind Control would better be saved for later in the fight?

When I got my Shadow Tank to 50 and started doing end-game, I fiddled around with a number of different rotations, and I felt that I was able to grab aggro hard and fast in the beginning of the fight with my regular abilities, and I saved the aoe taunt for those times when dps weren't picking up adds and started after the healer.

It just seems a waste to use it so early when the threat tables on each mob are so low that the +30% threat is meaningless.
To be honest you don't even need MC in this fight, the fight should only take about 30 seconds, The fastest I have seen it done is about 10 seconds, the slowest about a minute.
A shadow can get aggro in about 3 seconds without using taunts and keep it. So if you don't wish to use it, or keep it till later that's entirely up to you.

The most important thing is to feel comfortable and relaxed. Once you've cleared this boss a few times you will find your rotations and timings changing anyway, because you'll see the fight with different eye's if you get my drift.

Personally I feel MC and mass taunt are too slow, by the time you cast it, and the mob or add turns towards you, for me this feels like a life time, it seems to take forever, and of course they always take that last swing at the healer.

So even if I didn't use it in the beginning, I wouldn't really use it later unless I really had no choice, I'd be more inclined to just pull the add to me followed by a double strike and they are all your.

Try it different ways, with different bosses, the good thing about shadow tanks is everything about them generates threat.

For me using it early allows to to take my time, I can check the position of the group, see if they have the adds, take out an add myself if need be, move the boss, and not be put under any pressure during this time. I feel in control.

Also when playing with people I don't know I always just ask them in chat if they could take down the adds first plz