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**hugs to everyone**

Yeah, some posts got deleted which prompted my DA2 comments. For the record, Anders didn't bother me too much and it was very easy to get the friendship back. Without meaning to, my second play through everyone was my friend. Not kidding; I didn't have a single rival or neutral party member. They all loved me.

I'm still reading and watching. I've noticed some of the long time posters dealing with those trying to debate with numbers.

Ah, the old "Only a tiny minority is LGBTQ and they are the only ones that want this content; why are they wasting time on this," argument. The greatest hits keep coming and for those that have been here throughout last year, you know what I mean.

I really hate it when those that are "concerned" for us throw around the minority argument. Those numbers also doesn't take into account role players that aren't LGBTQ. There are players out there that want this for sheer role playing reasons. So anytime I see someone claim, "Oh, only a small percentage is LGBTQ, so only they want it," I shake my head. I know for certain that there are both male and females that are straight and want to try this out as well.

So, while there is indeed a small amount of the general population that is anything other than straight, that doesn't account for other factors. Like the fact that players sometimes role play in a story based MMO. Weird, right?
Seeing as how you're very likely talking about me, since I used the percentages. It wasn't concern at all. Reread the post. It said a small percentage of players who really care. I took that number, then figured there's likely SGRs who don't care and OGRs who do to make up for it.

You're also assuming people who are SGR in RL care at all if it's implemented in RL.

Basically that wasn't concenr, that was me saying most don't care and most aren't willing to actually give up the game for it, or else they would have done it already. Voting with your money goes farther. If the devs see a large percentage of players leave for losing out on what they want, they'll focus more on it.