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Perhaps. Or there's just people with a vast variety of opinions on the subject.

Personally I'm still saying that SGRAs and OGRAs need to be equal in execution, and likewise I expressed a desire to see the option to reset one's companions' stories in the old thread.

Well, surveys have pretty varying results. Anything between 1 and 15% of the population identifies as GLB, depending on where the survey is made.

That also doesn't take other demographics into account for SGR interest, such as the transgender and transsexual.
I'm all for equal execution. I think all those in favor of SGR are. I'm of the thought, that if they finally introduce SGR with current companions (I'm not sure they will), that if they do make it possible from the start of a companions storyline instead of after chapter 3 storylines with them, the reset will be part of it.

Still, some of what is being said okay to now, was outright reviled just a bit ago in the other thread. I think if people want more they need to show it and not go "Okay, I'd accept this." it leads the devs to thinking they can do less.

And you're right, surveys can have varing results, and to be fair, 2-5% tends to be what it's thought to be now, 15% not so much except for long ago. But still, I don't just make up a number. And admittedly, TOR's playerbase could lean towards one direction or the other.

I'm still of the opinion though, that most players just don't care. I get the feeling that that's how the TOR devs are leaning on it as well. If they thought their audience really wanted it, I think we would have seen it added in much sooner with much better options than just chat flirts. But we haven't seen Makeb yet though, so the storyline could have a full blown romance storyline even if it isn't with a companion (well, full blown romance at the level that we saw in say the SI storyline anyways with the female SI).