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Quinn is shaping up to me to be another Aric type im going to have to work harder for him think its because I am playing an alien? I dunno I like my twi'lek sith though.
Quinn is very professional, you're his superior and he's on your ship to server you (in a professional maner xD). Although he seems to look down on aliens, I don't think it would matter with the SW since you outrank him as a Sith, and the ability to play as 'unintended' races was added after the convos, so it should be the same as for a Human, Pure blood, Cyborg or Zabrak.

Depending on what you say to him, you can get a better idea of whether or not he really finds you flirting with him a nuisance :P
But for that you'd need to have your finger on the ESC button ready to repeat the convo with different options I'm finding that with Quinn, it's really worthwhile to explore all the dialog options, class story and companion dialog

The first character I played was a Consular, and I wasn't that into Tharan or Iresso, not that we can go far with Tharan anyway, it would have to be the weirdest way to break up ever! xD I remember thinking, 'Uh... what just happened?' As for Iresso, there isn't a lot to it, very rushed... I'm also a fan of Zenith, too bad he wont get the option to romance him down the track. Hopefully they'll add some more 'in depth' relationships with the new companions

As for Vette on my Male SW, I liked how everytime you flirted with her it seemed to go over her head (appart from the affection gains), and then when you reach Act 2 she asks you about something you said previously, and why you chose her. It's really sweet and shows how much depth there is to her romance and character.
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