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Chapter 12

Nal Hutta- Ardunna the Hutt's Palace- Guest Quarters

"Wake Up!" A voice jarred The Harbinger out of her long sleep. "Get up! Come on!"

She quickly sat up on the soft bed to see Jadec standing next to the bed. "What?" She groaned, still not fully awake. "What could possibly be wrong, Jadec?" She wasn't exactly a 'morning person.'

He backed away, acknowledging the tension she felt. "Calm down, darlin'. Just waking you up to tell you that the final challenge is going to start soon."

She sighed and brushed her silver hair back. "Finally!" She exclaimed with relief. "Once that's done I can get off this rock." She got off the bed, grabbing her lightsabers off the table beside the bed. "What am I going to be facing?"

Jadec sat down in the wooden chair. "Well, remember what I told you about the final challenge?"

"Some sort of beast, yes?" She knew where he was going.

"Yeah... except that this year they have something... more, I guess." He sat in silence for a few moments.

The Harbinger tapped her foot on the ground. "Don't keep me in suspense!" She almost yelled at him.

"Now calm down, darlin'." He said defensively. "I was just about to say that the rules have changed." He exhaled loudly. "Seems the Hutts don't want you to live. They're bringing in the most fearsome and deadly creatures in the galaxy to kill you."

She rolled her eyes. The Hutts were obviously afraid of her. More importantly, they were afraid of her father. "The Hutts are afraid that I will win. I don't plan on alleviating those fears."

A wide grin appeared on Jadec's face. "That's what I like to hear! Better hurry then." He got up from the chair and opened the door. "After you, my dear." He positioned himself to the side of the door and waved her through.

She walked through the doorway, prepared to face the final challenge, and bring her father one step closer to victory.

*** *** *** ***

The Prism- Prisoner Transfer Center

The Assassin and The Shadow descended the boarding ramp of the small transport shuttle into the massive super prison. The black exterior of The Prism masked the shining interior of the main level, but they knew the conditions worsened in the lower levels. Guards escorted prisoners to and from their cells, three Jedi stood guard at the elevator to Solitary Confinement.

But that was not their target. To their left, across from the Solitary confinement elevator, was the elevator to the main control center. In there they would find the controls for the Neural Dampeners. Stealthed, the two Twi'leks maneuvered across the Transfer Center. A Rodian Jedi Knight with deep blue skin cut them off, opening the elevator with a wave of his hand. They followed him through, carefully maneuvering behind him.

The Assassin wrapped his left arm around the Rodian's neck and activated his lightsaber, plunging the red blade into the Jedi's abdomen. He absorbed the Rodian's life essence as it left his body, feeling invigorated by the young Jedi's life energy. He let out a long, but silent, sigh as he lowered the Jedi to the ground.

The Shadow pressed a pale green button to set the elevator to go up to the control center. "You didn't have to do that." He whispered, scolding his brother. "You may have just jeapordized the mission."

The Assassin shushed him with a hiss. He knew the mission would not be compromised. He put his deactivated lightsaber on his belt and stood straight, leaning against the right wall.

The elevator door opened to the control center, revealing a small room dominated by a large supercomputer. Three technicians manned the computer, with two guards protecting the elevator entrance. The Shadow waved a hand, making the guards forget the elevator had opened.

The two Twi'leks quickly exited the elevator and silently stepped towards the supercomputer. The Shadow again waved a hand, making the technicians deactivate the Neural Dampeners. They could feel their powers return to them, their senses expanded, a rush of intense power nearly overwhelmed them.

They pushed through the intense pain. The two Twi'leks stood behind two of the technicians. They synchronized their movements, emerged from stealth, and executed the two technicians with their double-bladed lightsabers. Before the guards could respond, The Shadow threw his lightsaber towards them, decapitating the both of them. He then recalled it back, the blade cutting through their waists as it returned. Behind him, The Assassin slammed the last technician against the computer console.

The technician squeeled in despair. "Don't kill me! Please!" The man begged for his life. "You don't have to kill me!"

The Assassin looked over to The Shadow, pure ecstasy in his eyes. He relished the man's pleas. "Beg more, please." The man began hyperventilating. The Assassin laughed with amusement. "Pathetic. You can die now." He lifted the man up with The Force and collapsed the energy around him. The force of the collapsing energies crushed the poor man, utterly shattering the man's bones. The Assassin dropped the man to the ground, leaving him in a crumpled heap.

The Shadow sheathed his blade, concealing it in his black robes. "Was that necessary?" He was not pleased with his brother's actions. He was always far more reserved than his brother.

"Shut up." He spat back. "Our mission is over. Now we wait for out master to call us."

They stealthed themselves with The Force, vanishing from sight, waiting for their master's call.

*** *** *** ***

The Prism- Solitary Confinement

The Master felt his immense power rush into him. His mind became aware of every nook and cranny of the super prison. Each and every being onboard was known to him. His will spread like a wave of darkness, washing over the super prison and claiming its denizens. His will corrupted them, binding them to his will. They became his slaves, bent to his will.

But there was a small group who resisted. Dim lights in the darkness fought his will, resisting his will with everything they could muster. The Master was pleased. He didn't want a total takeover of the prison. He sought to claim the lives of the Jedi that guarded him.

He made his new slaves sleeper agents. His will lay dormant in the darkest corners of their minds. When the time was right, these slaves would act. The guards would release him and the many denizens of The Prism, and then the prisoners would swarm the Jedi, joined by the guards.

Then The Master would claim The Prism as his new fortress.
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