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Returning player here and definitely have my gripes with the romances. As my signature points out why can't my consular romance Zenith? He is much more dynamic then Iresso who you get far to late in the story line to care for.

I am enjoying Aric Jorgan more then I thought I would, it took a lot of work to get him even in flirt mode but it hasn't been too bad. Doc was okay for me as well specially coming off of playing a consular who has the worst romance options in the game to me

Quinn is shaping up to me to be another Aric type im going to have to work harder for him think its because I am playing an alien? I dunno I like my twi'lek sith though.

And Corso what the hell man?
..seriously it was like something from freaking kindergarten (put the text in spoilers just in case someone hasn't gotten that far with the goofy country boy yet). And seriously flirt options still suck heck id even take female on female flirt options at this point because the male ones are boring. Even that Alderaan noble for my smuggler *yawn* Though I will say I did enjoy making Aric jealous with that SIS agent wish I could have taken that a little further
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