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It sounds like the OP is really just looking for some improvements to the matchmaking system, which seems fair to me - Good PvP'ers want to play against other good PvP'ers, so it would be positive for everyone. I think this goes beyond just premades vs pugs (but that should be 1 of the factors in the queue system).

The only reason I can see being against enhancing the matchmaking system, is that there aren't enough players queueing to limit the criteria, and it would increase wait times. So, I think they really need cross-server queuing before they introduce better matchmaking.

As a side note, I would venture a guess that people complain about this more often that in other games because SWTOR is severely lacking the world pvp outlet (which is a little more forgiving with skill level than warzones,imho).
You are right! I want to play against good people also, but it never was an issue between pugs and premades. It is a matchmaking issue. separating the queues will not make it better. If there is a separate queue but one team gets 8 mercs and the other team gets 2 healers, 2 tanks, 4 dps is that fair??????? Do they really think by separating the queues you will get better match ups??????