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pretty lame response to be honest.

Its like saying if you dont want to get bullied, dont go to school if you are a small guy, or join a gang and bully the other guys!

... how about neither. Perhaps if the bullies fought each other the little guys wouldnt feel like they need to drop out of school.

Im playing devil's advocate, of course, but to me it seems everyone would be happier if they just separated the queues or improved the matchmaking algorithms once and for all. competition for the premades, and training wheels for the PUG crowd. Seems win-win for everyone.

Im just getting kind of tired of seeing the same lame responses justifying a poor matchmaking system. Joining the bullies in order to not get bullied is not the real answer here.
actually a more appropriate analogy would be suggesting to the little guy that he learn to fight and stand up for himself so he can kick the bully's a**

and i developed an algorithm for non-ranked matchmaking the other day. its probably on page 3 by now, b/c threads that dont involve nerfs or whining about something get very little attention here.
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