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just quit already!! You are not listening or reading. You do not know if you have a premade on your team or not. You can not use the analogy of premades or pugs because you do not know for sure if you have premades or pugs. Guild tags maybe but what about the people who are not in guilds and group up with friends. That is also a premade so how can you prove that you never have premades. My parents taught me that if i dont like something either i do something about it or just deal with it. So if you are going to quit you might as well.
It sounds like the OP is really just looking for some improvements to the matchmaking system, which seems fair to me - Good PvP'ers want to play against other good PvP'ers, so it would be positive for everyone. I think this goes beyond just premades vs pugs (but that should be 1 of the factors in the queue system).

The only reason I can see being against enhancing the matchmaking system, is that there aren't enough players queueing to limit the criteria, and it would increase wait times. So, I think they really need cross-server queuing before they introduce better matchmaking.

As a side note, I would venture a guess that people complain about this more often that in other games because SWTOR is severely lacking the world pvp outlet (which is a little more forgiving with skill level than warzones,imho).