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10 years? You played CoH for 10 years. The game was launched in North America on April 27, 2004 and in Europe (by NCsoft Europe) on February 4, 2005 with English, German and French language servers so you played at most 8 years, but i agree with your sentiments, CoH did expansions properly.
I round it to 10 since I can't remember the year it came out haha....either is a log time to be dedicated to playing a video game....and there is a reason why.... it's called lasting appeal. They were constantly adding new power sets, content, zones, rewards, classes, etc. etc. Not only that, they were addressing issues and bugs and keeping the player community updated as to what they were doing via the forums. The devs actually were active on the forums nearly every well as in-game appearances. One of the devs "Synapse" used to actually go on SF and TF runs with our guild and other guilds once a week.....

I think that because the devs played the game with us, they were able to see it first hand. To me that is a company dedicated to their product. And the fact that the creators kept to their one game.... When you had an in-game issue and asked for a GM.... usually within 5-10mins a rep would appear in the game to see what's going on and report the bug.

Content keeps players.... CoH/CoV's biggest mistake was going F2P and the revamp of PvP..... It was a downward spiral from there....that, and the fact they tried to put another game on the market and all attention focused on that..... When the good content went away.... so did the subbers....and the game went off the air this last November.
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