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Thanks man... and I plan testing further when I get all the datacrons and honestly... I haven't even maxed out my companions affection for those stat bumps either. Sometimes I forget how much work I still have to do.

That will make a difference I'm sure and then back to the drawing board. I just noticed a lack of crits when I dropped my crit rating further and can't see dropping my rating any lower. But I def plan on testing it again after farming all of that crap.

In the end you may be right, until you brought it up I didn't even think about factoring that in. But I'm pretty happy with where my stats are now and I can't see dropping crit rating any further even tho I know a few other who would disagree as well.
ive found that using the 7/3/31 build with aim augs provides a good balance between crit and power. fully buffed i have 25% ranged crit (40% crit on rail shot) and 30% tech crit.

get 5k crits w/ rail shot and thermal det usually a couple times a WZ, rocket punch gets up near 3.5k and flame burst crits for >2k
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