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Skill compensates for lower than average gear just as much as gear compensates for lower than average skill. If Tionese gives you about 60% as full Dreadguard you're telling me what someone who is 60% as skilled as the best skilled ToR players can't do HM LI in gulld BiS gear? I highly doubt that.

Honestly, I suspect we're probably mostly on the same page but arguing semantics.

I'm not trying to say that gear isn't required and necessary. But my experience has shown me there are a vast number of players that try to overgear content instead of becoming better players. This only works to a point.

It's easy to overgear T1 HM FP, or overgear HM EV or overgear HM KP. Yet these don't have difficult mechanics. It is much harder to overgear HM LI. It can be done, but I've seen players in mostly Black Hole complain that "LR-5 and Sav Rak are too hard please nerf".

It's MUCH harder to overgear HM EC. At what level of gear would the amount of damage, healing and mitigation overcome the inability to tank swap on T/Z? How much armor and health would you need to survive defensive systems when someone aoe's the shield to death? How about failing to interrupt an overload in the minefield? Failing to move out of the purple circle from Breath?

I posit that there are boss encounters in EC and TfB that you simply cannot pass by substituting gear for skill. And yet, I've seen players thrilled to figure out ways to underman or undergear end-game raids because they have skill to make up the difference.

My argument is this: High gear with low skill is a dead-end. High skill with low gear isn't. Not only can you go farther, but you are more likely to obtain the gear you need for that content that has actual minimum gear requirements.

So while it is fair to say that both gear and skill are required, I firmly believe that of the two SKILL is more important.

I'd happily bring a talented and skilled player's undergeared alt through any operation, over someone who bought 63 gear at the vendor yet keeps missing interrupts, failing to move out of circles and doesn't know how to play their class properly.