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If this thread is any indication so far, there are three whole people playing this game that are determined and committed to just PUG it up in PvP. You are not the majority that BW is looking for...move along and make some friends. This is an MMO after all.

A lot of the people who I used to enjoy playing this game with and against have already quit. Some because of this PVP crap and some because there are simply more enjoyable options out there. Most of the people who prefer PUG don't read these forums. Heck, most of the poeple who play this game don't read these forums.

This is going to happen whether you pre-made guys like it or not. Premades are chasing people away from this game. EA can only attrack new (F2P) fools to play an unbalanced game under unfair circumstances for so long. And most of those will eventually quit as well. Then EA will continue to bleed accounts until there are only those who form premades for PVP and those who only PVE left.

If EA actually acts on our desires... the total subscriptions may actually go up some. Remember that total subscriptions are what EA uses to determine how much money they are willing to spend to update and debug this game.

No one says that you should not be allowed to form groups for PVP. All we want is the option to play our version of PVP. If you can not let people believe and act differently than you do, then what does that say about you???

Deny us this and SWTOR will fail.
EA/BW: Please FIRE all who worked on PVP for incompetence. Thx.
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OK, I have given up on EA/BW! Any suggestions for my next game?