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Have you guys ever watched a College Football Senior All-star game? They generally are complete crap because there is 0 timing with the players because they haven't played with each other before. You guys really underestimate the advantage of playing with the same group night after night. Now what would really be entertaining is seeing one of these all-star games with 10 offensive lineman and 1 punter versus a team with the correct make up. There is your pug versus pre-made. And for the record I am part of a PvP guild, but I have the intellectual honesty to admit Pugs versus premades are not fair.
Another one who doesn't understand every match on both teams have pugs and premades. It is whether your team has the good ones. Yes college football allstar games are crap, but on each team there are college football teamates. There is not just 1 player from each team. There are multiple players from one team on the allstar squad. To say that each team has 60 players and not one teamate is just dumb!!!! Nice analogy brother. the Hawaii team had 4 players on the all star squad. Even Hawaii had 4 players. It is the same thing both teams have teamates and non teamates. Therefore the team with the better seniors are going to win. this proves the point that it is not the premades or pugs its who has the better premades and pugs.