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02.05.2013 , 05:58 PM | #23
Few and far apart are the close games so the system needs to match players based on some sort of criterias. The biggest problem is that the system can't calculate player skill and mixing premades with pugs is adding to the problem. In the last couple of months I've only been in one normal warzones where someone broke 800K damage. There would be far more of those games if every game didnt end after five or so minutes. How often do you find yourself in 4-3 huttball games? They're in 99 % heavily one-sided and more often than not because one team got a premade. I don't see how anyone, regardless of being a pug or in a premade, can think that this is a healthy system. And if you do you've never experienced competitive gaming, you're certainly not interested in it atleast.