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I wanted to pre-order Hutt Cartel and after doing so, the ad. that said ''Pre-order Now!'' was still there, so I assumed the transaction hadn't gone through so I tried again. Seeing my card bill I realized I was double charged, and even got e-mailed twice by Swtor afterwards.

Till here, it's a possible malfunction, but then I formed a request (ticket # 7941964‏) Explaining that I was double charged, I included the exact time and the verification codes of the two pruchases. I explained that it was okay if you could use the second purchase money to give me play time or just cartel coins. Logically, I thought it would be the end of it.

A few days later I recieved a reply that simply told me to call the customer services, even though I had provided every info they could possibly need. I even clarified what kinds of solution I was okay with. Anyway, I tried calling the numbers stated in the FAQ of the matter from Skype (Voip) and none of the numbers and extensions are toll-free. Not having credits on my Skype, I called the number from my cell, after waiting positively for ages I ended up talking to a south-asian guy who 1. didn't speak the smallest bit of english 2. had no idea what I was talking about and 3. was repeatedly saying I had to call back later in an almost maddened panic, I couldn't get him to listen to me try as I might. To be fair I don't think the result would be different had he made the effort.

Now, to summarize I've been charged for two expansions, provided every information your customer care would need to help me, paid half an expansion money to speak to a clueless representative and I'm not topping up more for Skype to have some more of that. As a customer I've done everything I should and in all fairness I expect you to make a little effort to solve my easily solveable problem and componsate me for the extra charge of hutt cartel expansion. Just cartel coins will be fine. Thanks in advance.