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Quote: Originally Posted by DarthBama View Post
You guys really underestimate the advantage of playing with the same group night after night.
No we don't... we know how advantageous it is... I think anyone who isn't using the system as intended and playing without a pre-made is underestimating it.

BTW... our pre-mades are rarely made up of good composition and half of the time even though we're on team speak we really aren't talking about the game. It's more chit chat than anything when in regs.

THAT is how advantageous it is... most aren't nearly as organized nor are they communicating as much as you think. The mass amount of generally bad players makes it that easy for a group of 4 with any amount of skill. Most of the good guilds save that for rated and any PUG smashing done in regs is done with little effort most of the time. And even if we do lose... we don't care.

BTW, if you didn't notice... todays word of the day is "advantageous"