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1/ Matrix cubes suck compared to PvE & PvP endgame relics, any clever person wouldn't be stacking a mainstat in any of their relics.
Yes, I realize the matrix cube is not bis. For dps bis is dreadguard proc and dreadguard power clicky (PvP relic is longer bis). That's also 600 daily comms, or roughly 5 mil credits. If you have the availability of those relics and not enough time or money to prioritize your stats better, you probably aren't planning on running ops anyway. I was just using the matrix cube as example how easy decent enough gear can be obtained.

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2/ You should never take into account the person is fully buffed and stimmed before asking for a inv. I usually pop my stim and buff in the instance to make sure they aren't wasted.
Why? Because (104+x)(0.05))+(x) takes to much time? Or saying "Hey, I have 1650/1700 unbuffed, can I go?". What does it matter either way how one chooses to come to a final value?

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3/ 6-9% skill tree buff is not available for all classes.

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4/ You still fail to forget people who stack secondary stats rather than main, my sent who's 2/5 dread guard rest campaign sits at around 1900 strength and around 1000 power, it I removed the 12 might augments and replaced them with power I'd only have 1700 strength but 1200 power. By your main stat rule that would be too weak despite my character being far over-geared for a story mode.
Hmm... like I said I have 2000+ on a rakata/BH juggernaut without being fully augmented (buffed of course) and I have been choosing marauder gear from the vendor to swap the modifications. So your telling me that I am an entire tier below you in gear and not fully augmented and have higher strength than you? What's your endurance at?

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I am accounting for augments and earpiece, my dreadguard/campaign sent is only over your 1800 rule because I stack strength augments so I don't have to stack extra crit in my gear where power could go. Most my gear is optimized for power rather than mainstat.
Hmm, not the way I would go, but to each their own I guess. I've had this power vs. mainstat debate before, don't really feel like getting into it here, but basically you are looking at 0.23 (mainstat) vs 0.24 (power) bonus difference and mainstat gives a crit bonus on a separate diminishing return. But I digress, not trying to derail my own thread. We will just call it even. I do agree with power>crit rate after dr's start to hit in most cases though, that's fairly obvious.

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Because you're not taking account on secondary stat optimizations, plus you're adding a stim on top before you enter the op, without a stim your sorc would only be touching 1800 in rakata which most rakata have the main stat heavy 25a mods in. If you're asking people through chat unless they just come from an op and still have a stim running then they are not going to pop one just to check their main stat.
Maybe sorc was a bad example then I guess. Not going to spend the time doing it for another class when I know just about every class can break 1900 with a stim and rakata/BH mix.

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TFB is balanced for players in columi 136 rated gear, by requesting people have at least 1800 main stat all you are doing is bringing overgeared players for an easy ride.
Yet the last boss drops gear 2 tiers higher. I know it's doable, but has it officially been stated as the case? EV HM is rated for columi too correct? Is EV HM and TFB SM the same difficulty? And just out of curiosity, have you personally ever ran TFB SM with a full group wearing nothing higher than columi?
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