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Correction we put out good aoe dps while our single target is piss poor,that goes for pve and pvp.An nodody wants our class to be op, we want to be able to stand a chance against those double glowstick wielding douches.I can pretty much garuntee you sir do not play end game sorc pvp.
Your guarantee would be incorrect. I have both a Sorc and a Sage, both DPS, who have been in full war hero gear for months. I've played DPS Sage since early access, and my Sorc was my second toon. DPS Sorcs and Sages can do perffectly fine in unranked warzones. I do just fine and routinely top DPS charts, and I'm not even one of the best Sages/Sorcs on my server, as I PvP more casually. In addition, I have cleared every raid in the game except for Nightmare EC, which I have not started yet.

The problem comes in ranked PvP, where balance problems are exaggerated. Yes, we need a slight damage buff and a survivability buff for ranked. I've never said otherwise. I'm just realistic about my expectations. I also think part of the problem isn't the design of Sages, but the overtuning of other classes, particularly Marauders.