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I def played around with a lot of things... dropping certain stats and stacking others, different builds, etc. I went a lot further than what I described but as far as the aim vs power this is the only part I thought was necessary.

I've probably done more testing and playing with specs and builds with my PT than with any other class. I think with other classes it's pretty cut and dry, at least with the sorc and marauder I knew exactly what was working better and quicker. With the PT it seemed like it took more testing and was more difficult to see a difference, it's less of a variance.
I think thats because of the abundance of good talents low in the trees that are, nevertheless in like tier two of stuff which means you have to choose (why that aim buff is in tier 2 of the tanking tree I'll never know).

Still less of a variance seems to indicate that it doesn't really matter as far as augments are concerned, which to be fair was always the case. In classes without a main stat buff talent it was always about 1% crit for about 5 total bonus damage.

Still I'd like to know more about your testing if you don't mind. What'd you try what were the results etc. PM me if you get bored and can spare the time?
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