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Damn the cost, but why didn't you test 2/8/31 with power augments? And then test it again with one less crit mod/enhancement and one more power mod/enhancement?

I mean 2/8/31 may just be that much better of a spec.
I def played around with a lot of things... dropping certain stats and stacking others, different builds, etc. I went a lot further than what I described but as far as the aim vs power this is the only part I thought was necessary.

I've probably done more testing and playing with specs and builds with my PT than with any other class. I think with other classes it's pretty cut and dry, at least with the sorc and marauder I knew exactly what was working better and quicker. With the PT it seemed like it took more testing and was more difficult to see a difference, it's less of a variance.

I think the biggest problem and my problem at first was focusing too much on the damage output of rail shot... I felt like that should be the focus... much like many others obviously do but when you look at the tech vs ranged aspect of it... how much damage is really coming from rail shot in comparison?

Yes.... it's often and an important part of the spec... but is it worth the trade off when you're using so many tech attacks to set up that ONE ranged ability. With this build my RS is still hitting for 4-4.5K on average... still the occasional 5k+ RS from time to time but more importantly... my tech damage is noticeably higher.

Flame burst often hitting for over 2K, Rocket punch for 3-3.5, explosive dart hitting for 2-3k and my thermal detonator is hitting for 4.5-5.5K.

On top of that death from above is hitting many target for 1200+ a hit and I even see 2k hits in there once in a while.