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Wow, i'm impressed that you had a screen cap of that.. that was like what 5+ months?? A little too much time on your hands (like I should talk lol) eh?

Anyway, i'll be the first to admit that I completely, absolutely, without a doubt sucked at PVP back then, even a month ago I wasn't any good (I only started PVPn a little over 2 months ago, so i'm fairly new). Nowadays I don't think I suck, but am more of an over-powered average player. Matter of fact, I just had a watchman sent completely smoke me in 1v1 a couple days ago (though our gear wasn't equal). Big deal, its a dam video game.

But obviously i'm doing something right, for you to make me feel so special by dedicating this special thread for me

Such an interesting dynamic--- the different reactions this game brings out in people.

Next time u see me in a wz, say hi, so that we can have a rematch.. i'm sure i'll give u a much better challenge.

Until then you should probably try to post threads on this forum that people actually care about..

A newfound respect I have for you, Starmarc.

And not in reference to the aforementioned, interesting to see the myriad ways that self assurance/validation is manifested on these forums. SMH.
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