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02.05.2013 , 01:56 PM | #237
so sosmoen one talking about stuff they found in new PTS data files and said that:

[03.02.2013 16:10:30] person: i'm however more interesting in the dread slayer title
[03.02.2013 16:10:35] person: want world 1st on that
[03.02.2013 16:11:11] person: stuff i've found already: there is a dreadful entity on TfB cave, one of it abilities is Dread Touch, which is the thing the mass are for

[03.02.2013 16:11:30] person: the amulet isnt dropped by dreadtooth, in fact iti isnt dropped by anything in game

[03.02.2013 16:11:35 | Edited 16:11:54] person: only the mask
[03.02.2013 16:12:13] person: dreadful amulet - there was a theory on forums it would be for tfb secret cave

[03.02.2013 16:12:16] person: but it isn't
[03.02.2013 16:12:29] person: the trigger of the encounter is listed as ""Broadcast String From Player"

[03.02.2013 16:12:42] person: porbably you have to /say something? dunno
[03.02.2013 18:56:12] person: does anyone have the pet that drops from wonderous egg?