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While I don't have a strong opinion on limiting Need rolls, let me just say: OP, you can recommence relaxing when it comes to winning rolls. The gear you are losing is not 'pre-ops' gear. As soon as you hit 50 you will get a full set of Tionese gear for free. This is the lowest level of ops gear - better than pre-ops gear, and you will be geared enough for SM Ops and HM FPs right off the bat.

People needing on stuff for companions or to sell are annoying though. I'd just put them on ignore, but know that other than bugging you they aren't hurting your character's gear progression.
^^^This... Was the first thing I thought about when I read the OP. Worrying about gear drops in lower lvl flashpoints is pointless imo.. You get a full set of Tionese gear and PVP gear (implants etc) when you hit lvl 50..