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Hm, doesn't seem plausible to me. I go with the overall "dang, we should have put it in at launch, what can we do instead that's not too time & and money-consuming" explanation. I do expect more to come though. Flirting is good for starters, but one to three years for romances?..... Naw. Don't wanna wait that long.
I do not have high expectations for how fast they can roll out this content, considering that despite SWTOR supposedly being story based, the majority of content and developer discussion has been aimed solely at PvE/PvP (yes, story does have a long lead time, but if we put RP'ers into the "story interested" group, I shouldn't imagine that chairs have a long lead time).

It's already been stated that SGR [Flirt]s are 50+ content, so I'm doom-and-glooming this to also mean that further romances will also be 50+ content because it will be easier for them to lump it in with other story content. You saw the backlash against Bioware from people being "concerned" over the inclusion of same-gender [Flirt]s in Makkeb, they're likely shying away from the idea of having a "gay companions" patch. I half expect further announcements along this line to buried in nonsensical patch notes and generally hidden from view, so as to avoid controversy on the boards and more "concern".