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02.05.2013 , 12:10 PM | #9
you make several valid points OP and as a lvl 50 watchman/sentinel I've had to learn to throttle down the threat when needed and let the tank do his job.

however, my lvl 50 shield/vanguard has had no real problem holding aggro for the most part, van's seem to have so many tools to maintain threat that (and this is just my experience) I kind of enjoy when a healer or dps pulls aggro from me as it give me an opportunity to use one of those many tools and pull the boss/mob back on me.

that said, I've heard/read that Guardians are the ones that have the most problems maintaining threat and have seen many calls for a change in that area.

bottom line, a group where everyone knows their rolls and just as important knows the other classes rolls will almost always work as a good team... and it sounds like your 'Red Reaper" fiasco was in no way a 'team' effort.

good tanks are hard to find and I hope you hang in there... even through the runs where people need to learn how to work as a team and not run around like their soloing trash mobs on Tython.