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And, by the way, to gauge how someone is, I actually look at their social rank. High social rank to me says they've run a lot of group content, how in demand they are, devoted to PvE, etc.
That could actually work if social was tied to legacy. I have 2 level X social toons, a Sawbones and a infiltration shadow (both have be social 10 for over 6 months). You seriously would take a infiltration social X shadow over my social 3 Watchman? Trust me, only reason she is not higher social is because most fun runs and comm runs we go on we are short healers, so I end up healing instead of dps, but in everything but SM TfB, I would take my watchman over my shadow. Not sure about SM TfB, but I love the burst dps on the shadow, but gear wise and overall dps my watchman is would still be a better choice.

The difference is my shadow and smuggler have been 50 for 11 months or longer, my Sentinal has been 50 for about 2 months. I do dailies, I do heroics (solo) and I train on the dummy, but I don't do HMFP, I do them on my healer since I don't need the comms or the gear and hate to wait. I would love to do more operations on her, but Iike I wrote, I end up healing most of the time. Also have an operator geared fairly well, but she is like social 4 because our sister guild just does not have the people to do ops yet. However, I am fairly confident with my abilities on her, since it is the exact same thing as my sawbones.

So I think social may be a good indicator, it isnít foolproof either although for the most part it is just a good as any other way short of taking people to the training dummy or into a HMFP to check their abilities before doing a Operation.