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02.05.2013 , 11:58 AM | #1
So, my Assasin is a Tank and i'm only on Tatooine at the moment. With my Vanguard (which was a Tank) I used my healer all the way until 50. I didn't realise how dumb that was until later. Seeing how Tanks have massive defense and do little damage and healers do little damage, that was why battles took forever.

So, i've been tanking with my Assasin and using a DPS this time as my companion. Of course I don't have my healer yet so that's obvious. What i'm trying to figure out is: What is the best type of DPS Companion? Melee or Ranged DPS?
I've been using Khem for Melee DPS and he does quite well. But so does Androlikos as a ranged DPS. Which one is better for a Tank Assasin? Then, if Melee is better, should I keep using Khem or should I use Ashara when I get her or what? What do you guys think?