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Phantom-class yacht Veil, Mezenti Spaceport, Nar Shaddaa

"To work, then," Soleta announced cheerily as she strode toward the main holoprojector, digging the datachip from her bag. She slid the chip into the projector and called up a clear still of the holocron's map and then, her fingers dancing over the controls, overlaid the image with a standard navigation map.

Quintus laid his datapad with the sliced translations of the Rakata translations on the table next to him, then examined the map of the galaxy. "The highlighted planet closest to you...I'm sure that's Hoth. I see Taris up close to the Imperial Worlds, and I see Ilum there in the Unknown Regions. The final planet remains scrambled, unfortunately."

"Hmm." Soleta squinted as she leaned closer to the display, flickering the navigation overlay rapidly off and on. "No... no, it's not scrambled, it's..." She leaned back again, grinning brightly. "It's not there!" she cheered, bouncing on her toes. "Nothing on any known navigational route, no matches in regional star catalogues, it doesn't exist!"

"Thrilling!" Quintus allowed himself a smile. "An uncharted planet... think of all the opportunity."

"As for the others..." She faded out the recorded holocron display, highlighting the navigation map. "The mercenary and the snippy little Chiss are already on their way to Hoth. I don't think we can trust Agent Zero honestly, what kind of name is that? on her own, so that leaves Ilum and Taris to the two of us."

"That is a cliche name for an agent at best," Quintus nodded, then sighed. "I have the strangest feeling that she would want to tag along with me, a fellow agent. I... will not be too happy, yet feel very obligated to keep an eye on her."

"I'm sure you're more than capable of keeping her in check," Soleta replied, smiling gently. "So which would you prefer? Toxic rakghoul nests, or frozen Jedi ruins?"

"I will defer the choice to you, dear Sith," Quintus smiled. "After all, I do not want to deprive you the chance to explore some Jedi ruins. Unless, of course, you fancy rakghoul hives."

"Oh... umm..." Soleta fidgeted, her pale cheeks turning pink as she looked down at the console. "I... would prefer Ilum, but... honestly, it's alright either way. I can go where I'm needed."

"Then I'll go to rakghoul land." Quintus chuckled brightly. "I know Ilum is more of your... thing. I would really hate myself if I took away an opportunity like that... from you," Quintus' cheeks too turned slightly rosy.

"So. There we are, then." Soleta forced her voice back into a light, careless tone. "I should start arranging transport to Ilum. History awaits!" She popped the datachip from the projector and tucked it back into her bag, starting toward the exit.

"Are you certain you don't need me to drop you off?" Quintus joked.

She spun back to face him, a nervous smile on her face as she clutched at the strap of her bag. "Oh, no. Thank you, but no. We'll need to spread as far as we can as quickly as we can, the better to catch up to whomever Cole's already sent out. No sense making you make an extra-long trip when I can find my own way."

"I'll say this... with compatriots of other teams I pretty much leave to their own. However, with you, I have grown attached, I must admit." Quintus froze, realizing he had made his feelings clear. "Oh... I did say that out loud... I'm sorry if you were not expecting to hear that from me..." The operative's rosy cheeks became profound.

"That's... very sweet of you to say, of course," Soleta said. "But we're partners, at least in this endeavor. There's no need for empty flattery. If there's something you need of me, just ask."

"Right... right, of course. I wasn't thinking straight, a bit caught in the heat of the moment." Quintus composed himself. "Now, you are certain you can find a ride to Ilum?"

"Quite certain, thank you," she answered as she backed away, toward the exit. "I'll check in with you as soon as I've arrived. You'd best contact Agent Zero, let her know of your plans." She turned again, hurrying for the hatch.

"See you around, Soleta," Quintus waved.

Without turning back, Soleta waved over her shoulder as she left the ship.

"I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them."