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We'll take a fresh 50 to SM EV or EC for a comms run. My guild is usually pugging DPS (we have a lot of tanks and healers in our guild). What we will take depends on what the DPS looks like among our guildies, because some of our DPS is very good so they can usually carry an undergeared DPS. We try to look for DPS that we've run with before and know are good if we can.

That said, if a pug does not have at least full Tionese with Recruit gear making up the missing pieces, we're gonna make them grab that stuff because its free and there's no reason not to get it. I dont think we mind carrying someone but we don't need to carry someone more than we have to. I have had pugs with greens at 50 and its probably the only thing I'll kick you over.

And, by the way, to gauge how someone is, I actually look at their social rank. High social rank to me says they've run a lot of group content, how in demand they are, devoted to PvE, etc.
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