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02.05.2013 , 11:33 AM | #5
i too would like to say thank you for all of you tanks out there.

the last mmo i played a tank in was eq2 as a tanking monk and even then i only did raids and guild groups as needed. that class was poorly designed for agro generation on group encounters.

it takes a really special person to play one in this mmo with all of the solo minded dpsers out there doing thier own thing.

but i really think the root of the problem is far too many players came from a mmo where threat generation for a tank was stupid easy and was nerfed to that point because of all of the dps baddies that the game produced. old habits are hard to unlearn. throttling down is unheard of and agro pulling to them is a sign of elitism rather to the rest of us the playing of the unskilled fool. thank god we dont have real time dps meters in this game. what a mess it would make with these dps tools.