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Frak it. I cannot reconcile my own moral compass with the moral compass of the Tython Jedi Order. What they see as bad and leading to the Dark Side I personally see as ways to counter act the Sith and push back the Dark Side.

I tried and tried again to reconcile the two. But it doesn't seem to fit. Knowing that are positive emotions and passions which can counteract those negative ones. And how this Tython Jedi Order seems to put down ALL of them despite there being good ones which can act as a way to counteract and push back against the bad ones.

It gets down to self-control. The Jedi on Tython can teach what they want. I know that self-control and learning how to deal with emotions and passions can mean acting in a safe manner without the risk of falling to the Dark Side. There's no need to outright ban something like love. Can it lead to the Dark Side? Yes. Will it always? No. Not if the people in the couple learn how to deal with setbacks and trying times.
The Jedi have such restrictions on passion because it doesn't need to "always" lead to the darkside, it only needs to happen once to be potentially disastrous. Fallen Jedi can be incredibly dangerous.