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02.05.2013 , 11:15 AM | #1
I'll be frank'; I don't play as a Healer. I prefer dealing damage. So, I recently AC'd as a Sorc with my newest toon on Begeren Colony, but I'm hesitant to do either PVP or Flashpoints due to the tendency I've noticed to assume all Sorcs are healers. Not to mention I hear that Sorcs don't do all that well in PVP anyways....

As far as the PVP goes, I figure I'll just do Defense duty for the most part until I'm a higher level, using the single 'heal' power I have to help whichever Tank hangs back as well (I've noticed that in PVP, this almost always happens: a Tank is left behind to act as a guard, and rarely does anyone else stay behind, even a Healer).

According to some of the stuff I've read online, you can do the Korriban Heroics solo once you've got your AC, so I might go back to Korriban, do those and get said rewards, and then head back to the fleet to queue for Flashpoints and PVP. I just want to get an idea of whether a Non-Healer Sorc is gonna be a bad choice as far as PVP and such is concerned. I've been reading the forum threads, but they seem to go off on tangents about Healer Sorcs being thrashed and less about the other branch of Sorcs....