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02.05.2013 , 10:48 AM | #11
it is your raid and your guild. if past experiences shown that this number is what it makes you and your guild comfortable and successful with running that content then go with it.

also i agree with you 100% of not taking the lazy who haven't made a effort to get the free tioenesse. if they didn't know about it then politely tell them as that is the only acceptable excuse for having green gear.

it really isn't hard to get a base stat past 1800 but the sentinel/guardian and its empire mirror class will have problems since it is the only class(s) without a main stat bonus in its tree. also many players use non main stat augments or no augments at all which can make this number even more difficult to obtain. a toon with all blue t6 augments will have plus 224 main stat base and more with bonuses. but players dont always use main stat augments. and i will not go into the whys and why nots of this as that is a thread in itself and has no place in this discussion. the only thing i would like to know is why someone has no augments at all if that is the case. there are some reasonable and acceptable reasons for this.

in a nutshell, your guild, your ops run, your rules. if they dont like it then too bad.